Science Curriculum

Over 240 hours of engaging content!

Our comprehensive STEM Inquiry lesson library contains over 240 hours of science lessons, which are available any time, anywhere online.

The way in which we deliver our content is INCREDIBLY flexible:

These courses are custom-made to meet specific requirements, such as ITEEA, NGSS and CCSS. They provide a comprehensive set of lessons for a complete program of study and are supplemented with a range of support materials for English and Math.

2Libraries (Exploring STEM Library)
This huge collection of Middle and High School resources is called our Exploring STEM Library...with this library you can have access to EVERY SINGLE piece of learning content for Middle and High School that we have ever published! This resource is ideal for teachers to search and make their own courses.

3Hardware Resource Library
Some of our pre-prepared hardware kits come with a set of lesson content as standard to help you get the most out of our hands-on lessons.

Our Stream Table Kit, for example, includes access (via DVD and online) to practical tasks using the Stream Table to teach principles of erosion, deposition and natural forces.

Our lessons – in detail

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Comprehensive, informative, insightful. Our presentations provide students with the knowledge they need to grasp the key scientific concepts in our STEM Inquiry (Science) program. Our presentations are completely narrated with subtitles for the hard of hearing.

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Practical Tasks

Hands-on activities linked to theoretical resources that allow students to develop active learning skills.

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Exciting, inquiring, tactile. A range of skills development activities, including virtual workshop and laboratory tasks, on-screen equipment explorers and problem-solving tasks. Again, these lessons are fully narrated.

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At the heart of the STEM Inquiry program are our exciting inquiry-based digital investigations and simulators. These lessons are our favorites; they’ve been designed by our experts to provide an introduction the key scientific concepts explored in our STEM Inquiry program.

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Thought-provoking, challenging, versatile. Assess student understanding of every topic in a supportive way that clearly identifies the correct answer to each question once it has been attempted.

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The Best of the Rest

Our lessons are mapped to YOUR standards. They contain integrated Math and English Support Materials. Effortlessly search through our lessons and support materials… by keyword, by standard or by topic.

Learning Management System

Our Learning Management System automatically tracks and records the progress and attainment of your students, and the school’s progress overall. You can see how much time students spend on each module, how often they log in, and instantly see records of their grades across the program.

The LMS gives the teacher control over the construction of courses, allowing them to be tailored for their students, and includes extensive student-tracking and reporting, adding up to a world-leading solution to your learning-providing needs.

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