Introducing our Science Program: STEM Inquiry

STEM Inquiry is a complete suite of middle school science lessons. The online digital curriculum is designed to meet the Next Generation Science Standards for middle school and aligns with a range of state standards.

The curriculum includes a wide range of activities including theory presentations, inquiry-based investigations, research activities, modeling and simulation, practical hands-on experiments, and testing tasks.#

As well as covering all elements of the physical, life, and earth science content required at middle school, science practice is taught explicitly and integrated into all of the curriculum.

Students are continuously assessed and English language arts and math support is integrated into the program.

Hola mis amigos! The entire curriculum is available in both English and Spanish language and includes the facility to switch between them.

4 areas of scientific inquiry: life science, physical science, earth & space science, science practice

“Our Special Ed group is doing well with the visual learning. The computer delivered materials are very graphical and help keep them engaged in the lessons.”

- Breck Quarles, Science Lab Teacher at Palestine Middle School

9 Reasons You'll Love STEM Inquiry

  1. Complete Online Resource

    Full range of learning content, including lesson plans, presentations, and assessments available online – login anytime anywhere!

  2. Completely Bilingual

    ¡Hola mis amigos! All of our content is available in both English and Spanish language… and it’s fully narrated too!

  3. Continually Updated

    Our team of curriculum creators is continually adding new content to the program. Look out for these new features each time you log on. Your feedback is important to us and drives us continually to improve the content you receive, and the way in which you receive it.

  4. Comprehensive Science Investigation Activities

    20 pre-prepared hardware kits give you all the resources you need to teach over 50 hands-on (and virtual) science experiments – including Chemical Reactions, Earth Systems, Natural Selection and much MUCH more!

  5. Supporting YOUR State Standards

    We apply a magnifying glass to EVERY student expectation to ensure our lessons apply to the standards that YOU teach.

  6. Written with Teachers in Mind

    Our content creators have all been involved in the teaching profession at some stage in their careers and they know exactly what teachers need – instructional content that is easy to implement in the classroom.

  7. Support, Support… Support!

    At the heart of our learning content is a fully integrated support system. Every lesson includes easy access to academic and technical subject support. Teachers - If something goes wrong or you can’t find the answer online, we are only a phone call away.

  8. Interactive Science Explorers

    How do arteries work? What is continental drift? How big is Pluto?… and what is Osmosis? All of these questions and more are emphatically answered with our Interactive Science Explorers. These fully narrated apps are integrated into our online digital learning library.

  9. Proven to Improve Science Test Scores

    We love to hear how our Science Inquiry program is increasing test scores with some schools reporting up to 19% increases on the previous year. Our case studies will tell you more.

With the STEM Inquiry program the focus is on science investigation, with integrated math, English language arts and engineering.