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Experiment Kits


Our Living With STEM program has been specifically designed so that the practical activities can be completed using equipment that you may already have available. Each hands-on lesson starts with a list of the items you will need, and we have minimized the use of consumable items to ensure that your programs are sustainable.

For convenience, and to absolutely ensure predictable results in our 108 practical lessons, we recommend the use of our Living With STEM hardware kits.

Living with STEM

Most of the experiment kits are available as a single workstation pack. These are usually used for classroom demonstrations or a modular, rotational environment. The experiment kits used for most of the activities (the Apparatus Kit for example) are available as a four-pack. These are used for group or whole-class instruction.

We also have kits to support great, low-cost, exciting activities that we believe you’ll want to do with the whole class. These are our Class Activity Packs.

The experiment kits are delivered in our distinctive, easy-to-store orange boxes with storage trays inside and equipment maps inside the lids to make it easy to check that all the equipment has been returned.#

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